Creating tools for Non-developers

I frequently have to build tools for others on my team.

It’s something I enjoy doing.

If I can make their lives easier and more efficient, it makes everything easier.

  • They’ll have more bandwidth to more fulfilling work.
  • They’ll feel more energized not having to do mundane tasks.
  • They’ll learn about new options that they never saw before.

It’s win-win.

Not every Tool has to be technical

Not every tool has to be some custom code written in a weekend in React.

The one ‘tool’ that comes to mind was in my game developer days. Our writer wanted to see the text in game, but she didn’t want to learn how to push a new build to see how her text looks – out of fear of breaking it. (Don’t even get me started on explaining branching to her)

So I put together a bunch of screenshots in Powerpoint, and simulated how the text can look like in the game – and it became our ‘text simulator tool’.

I’ve also built code generators using Excel and the CONCATENATE function.

For example: HTML pages have a specific pattern to them. A header, a body, and a footer. Once you identify the patterns, you can quickly create quick and dirty tools to make their lives easier.

And isn’t that what computers are about? To make our lives easier?

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