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What is Vue?

Vue is a Javascript framework like React or Angular. Vue is a light-weight framework that you can use with a single script and use it to create little components on an existing site, or install the whole package to build much more complex apps. Learn more about Installing Vue in the documentation. Overall, Vue helps…

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V-binding CSS classes in Vue

Vue allows you to programmatically organize your CSS code, to trigger depending on specific situations. It’s pretty powerful. Here’s how to do it: You have two classes ‘font-weight-bold’ and ‘mr-2’. STANDARD CSS WAY VUE WAY, WITH V-BINDING What about using the style attribute? For example, you want to make the: font-weight: 900 font-size:20px padding-right: 20px…

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Using V-bind in general within Vue

Why: v-bind lets you pull data from the app, within html brackets. First, how to pull regular data within Vue. Let’s say you wanted to put that data between brackets. HEADS UP — THIS DOES NOT WORK: Instead, use v-bind. Alternate method #1: You can remove the v-bind part. Alternate method #2: You can put…

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