The culture of Figureoutability

One of the perks of my job is that we hire people who are willing to ‘figure it out’. Figureoutability.

Being in the tech space, there is a requirement to interface with technology. If a team member wants to set up a tool to help them streamline their reporting, they have to ‘figure it out’. If they want to build a website from scratch, they have to ‘figure it out’. You can’t just fire an email to someone and delegate them to set it up for you. That’s a quick way to let the rest of the team know that you can’t pull your weight.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to ‘figure it out’ on your own. Tech is complicated.

Figureoutability doesn’t mean to be a master at everything. It does mean that you are willing to step out of your comfort zone, ask for help, but also take your request to the finish line.

Figureoutability is also being respectful. You would never ask the CEO to ‘give you a detailed plan of exactly what he wants executed’. That’s YOUR JOB. Do the work, figure out the details, and the unknowns, reach out for support.

So an example of Figureoutability

For example: let’s say your task is figuring out how to to let Hubspot CRM know that someone tagged [cold_traffic] landed on a specific WordPress page.

Well, that isn’t something you can set up with Zapier.

You will definitely have to ask for help.

There’s currently only 2 people on the team of 25 who are developers (counting me.)

Sidenote: To do that -- what you need is a api call and a php snippet. The PHP snippet tracks if the user landed on the page, tests to see if they have the [cold_traffic] metadata, and if they do, passes the user email to a specific Hubspot list. From there, Hubspot has to have a workflow that monitors that list, in order to do another action.

For this example: how do you reach out to a developer to help you?

A good way to do that would be to do everything that you can without code.

Method 1:

It can be something as simple as drawing out exactly what you need to happen. You draw out a flowchart, show the connections, and ask if they can figure it out.

Method 2:

Maybe you’re a lot more technical. So you set up the WordPress page, and create the Hubspot List and the workflow. Then you ask for the help to fill in the gaps.


You may have noticed that figureoutability has a lot of partnership qualities to it. Because that’s what it is!

A culture that constantly goes “That’s not my job” is one that will quickly burn out employees. Instead, empower employees to take action. They’ll be happier for it.

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